05/24/2020 16:39
What will our future be like, friends? I composed a poem of the same name on this. Our future is, of course, a complicated question. But I think we have it, as they say, largely in our hands. For the current pandemic not only takes away from us, but also gives us new opportunities to advance on our planet Earth in the near and more distant future. For example, there has been a 17% reduction in CO2 in the last 2 months. None of us have experienced such radical reductions. The biggest polluters like China, India The US and others cut emissions by tens of percent thanks mainly to production constraints. Another factor is a 70% to 80% reduction in air travel .With this, travel and overtourism have been reduced, placing extreme burdens on our planet. Companies, too, have severely restricted the business trips of their managers and merchants, who now meet more often online on video conferences. It's all fine for us. Adding this to the increase in homeoffices for employees of IT firms, social networks and other companies that do not have employees directly in production, this can save not only considerable money in corporate costs, but also significantly sanitize the environment on our planet. It is also possible to significantly reduce the industrial production of products that are no longer in demand -- see, for example, cars. If you're traveling around the countryside, you can see hundreds of thousands of parked cars in auto bazaars, dealers' warehouses, factory yards, or dusty sand in the American desert, where new diesel cars stand to function, which the US government has not put into service due to exrevelations. There are also parked cars in the streets of cities, including car trucks, that no one will ever drive again. So the sum total, if we underline it and add it up, I'm sure a lot more cars around the world are simultaneously standing than they are going. There are just enough cars on the market now, not just enough, but excess! But products like that are a story. That one can change the production program shows, for example, US President D. J. Trump, who ordered Ford to make lung fans and FORD to start making them. It will be necessary for our survival for our planet's bosses to finally sit down at the common table and devise and subsequently arrange a meaningful business plan that revamps the floodgates and levers of industry to produce the necessary long-life products for our future, such as supersonic transport planes, speedboats and interplanetary shuttles. Put into practice the production of new energy sources with no claim to extreme explosions of natural resources. Dear friends, the pandemic has really given us an opportunity to all sit on our buttocks and reassess our current ranking of values peacefully. A time of forced home isolation is made for that. If we can do this together and do it, then we will secure a future for us and for our children and grandchildren, in short, for the next generations of humanity. That's not really pathetic, that's just reality!