Little snatch from the book "The Steelclan 1st part The Aloner chapter 18"

01/20/2015 17:58


Meanwhile they neared the town of Doboj. Operation of military vehicles considerably thickened. Perhaps you should
Police militiamen near Zenica truth, Paul thought aloud and said:
"I had the cops the truth that something is happening, and may be closed all border
transitions from the ground! "
Paul throttle to overtake if possible, the most khaki cars to him then linger on
UNPROFOR makeshift checkpoint across the bridge in Doboj.
But he did not do it. Two trucks while overtaking, but when he was about to overtake third one free.
Warning abruptly turned left and Paul with his foot on the brake and the brake on the eyes to
lights tangential truck just barely managed to slow down, so it did not gain. Driver
overtaked car at him furiously honking.
Paul rejoined and shocked out around the left branch which was cross before the bridge.
He had on the tacho 120 km/h, when it happened.
First, a brilliant flash of light when Paul literally lost focus and slowly also control of the car.
Then there was a loud bang, or perhaps more shots, Paul was not enough to perceive. Detonation lifted the BMW perhaps half a meter in height, and then miraculously returned to all four wheels. This already Paul instinctively perhaps still in the air full braking. After impact, the car wheels veered to the right skid. Paul's little hand to flatten and again touched brake pedal.
Around flew pieces of something, it looks like a red iron, thought Paul, but it was not.
BMW stopped with howling tires at something before it was half a minute
UNPROFOR checkpoint.
The car just before you stopped even jumped slightly, as if something crossed.
Paul shook when out of the car in the middle of smoking rubble. Reichstetter´s grooved
face trembled with tension, but the pace was calm. Around them were Horrors, otherwise I would not even cannot be called.
Most UNPROFOR disappeared, instead leaving only a fragment of the original stone bridge.
Some pieces of it were scattered down the river. Paul looked at the car, what it actually crossed?
He could not believe my own eyes. He saw human toe, from which steaming and blood spurted up height. She clenched fist, which seemed to threaten the world around - WHAT DID YOU  ME DONE ?!
All around was unimaginable tangle of twisted metal wreckage shuffled remains
human organs and torsos of human bodies. On candelabra lighting, which miraculously remained intact, hanging helmet with a blue sleeve - badge peacekeeping armed forces.