03/11/2021 11:45
DOES TODAY MEAN TOMORROW OR YESTERDAY? The pandemic period brings a test of the resilience of each of us. Many of my acquaintances and friends, with whom I communicate unfortunately now by phone or skype or social networks, tell me that they are already enduring it all with considerable self-denial. What bothers me the most is that they cannot meet in person with their relatives and friends, that they cannot attend cinemas, theaters, concerts and other cultural events. All that's left are TV series and movies on Netflix or HBO. Submarine sickness is starting to occur in households where partners have a home office and women have to cook, learn with children and still work remotely for their employers. However, doctors and nurses are much worse when they have to take care of covid patients in anti-epidemic spacesuits 12 hours a day and many times or longer, where they cannot even take a deep breath or go to the toilet or drink. And the light on the cat's tunnel still not and not found. It's not blinking much yet. So where to look for hope and optimism for the future? Where to look for a good mood when I get out of bed in the morning and see a gray, cloudy sky and a salty slush on the sidewalk of our street from the window? The promised effective vaccine is not available in the required quantities, and there are reports that the virus mutates very rapidly and the Pfizer vaccine does not work against mutations from South Africa, for example. One wonders why Pfizer or Modern, which is genetically based on RNA, which lacks practical experience in practice, is preferable to Astra Zeneca, a classical or Russian Sputnik 5, when registering. And is Pfizer cutting deliveries with the somewhat bizarre justification that it will increase production? It must be clear to anyone who has ever worked in a factory that such a justification is not relevant. In addition, the logistics of the Pfizer product is very complicated due to the need to store the vaccine at minus 70 degrees. EU countries other than Hungary have relied on central purchasing from Brussels, which is now proving to be a mistake. All agendas belonging to the strategic infrastructure of the state should be left to the decision-making power of each state. So now we can only hope and I want to believe that the state establishment will learn from the current critical situation and not only will it quickly remedy it, but will act adequately in the future as well. And that what will be discussed "tomorrow" in the post-pandemic period, when the Covid monster finally leaves us, take the poison. Yesterday, I shared very interesting information on my profile, which I have been mentioning for several years on my profile, websites and also in my books. Namely, the EU is preparing a great renaissance of rail transport, the so-called European Express, which should largely replace non-ecological aircraft. The air fleet is in a deplorable state, morally obsolete, I want to say even prehistoric, when nothing has changed since the time of the Concorde - a beautiful supersonic airliner, and the Concorde has no successor even after 20 years of cessation. Until the arrival of an adequate machine with at least the same parameters as the Concorde, air transport does not make sense. If the so-called car electrifiers were to devote their brain and financial capacity to the development of new aircraft, it could be long after the problem for both cars and aircraft. But the cars, which I'm already a big fan of, are in big trouble and they deserve a separate session in some of my next live broadcasts. Now I'm going back to the railroad. Unfortunately, things are starting to happen there. Unfortunately, so far mainly in China, where they have built the largest railway network of high-speed trains in the world in a short time. Now there will be a magnetic Maglev, which will burn at a speed of 610 km / h by levitation on a magnetic cushion. There have been high-speed trains around us in Europe for many years. Poland, Germany, France, Italy and more are joining the European Express project to replace air transport. It's up to us now to join us before the train leaves! The density of our railway network is one of the largest in the world. So let's stick to the motto that tomorrow must mean today and it is nothing profaned. Because the covid and postcovide period does not only mean depression and a bad mood, but also a unique opportunity for a fundamental restructuring of the backbone of our economy - our industry. However, it is not enough just to make flowery statements, phrases and fluscules, but to roll up our sleeves and go to work before the others overtake us!