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Saturday, April 19, 16.55 above Frankfurt am Main Airport, Germany ¨

The airspace above Frankfurt am Main Airport was filled with launching and landing aircraft almost as densely as the A3 motorway cars below. The nonattending observer would have been quietly amazed at how the flight controllers managed to handle such traffic at all. Thanks to modern technology, their work efforts and their psychological resilience, this has succeeded quite untroubled. They didn't mind the gathering fog, either, drifting slowly onto the rooftops of the skyscrapers of the world's downtown banks. The situation was somewhat different at 28 km, to which the blue-and-white Gulfstream Overhead 7 SUPERSONIC, piloted by retired US AIR FORCE colonel John McLaughlin, climbed within minutes. A dark blue horizon without a single cloud with sunlight leaning directly into the cockpit of the plane. John didn't mind piloting. In fact, the cabin windows were made with the same technology as the glass in his US INDUSTRIES office on the top floor of the WTC.

 They didn't mind Automatically, either, if the sun was shining on them, or any other source of light. Though he sometimes tended to feel for the sun-tight Plexiglas helmet he used to be used to as a fighter pilot on a variety of American provenance machines by the Phantoms, Starfighters up to the F18 Hornet. Inside the cabin of the supersonic gulfstream, silence reigned, tinged only by the distant hum of the regular running of the 4 experimental Pratt and Whitney doubleengines stationed aft at the directional helm. John was fully engaged in piloting. Jack, the co-pilot watched the monitor in front of him intently, just like the guest on board

Army General Andrei Andreyevich Andreyev, commander of the Russian Federation's World Development Observatory. The last crew member -- handsome stewardess Jane sat strapped in her seat behind the cockpit, as McLaughlin had instructed. "Jack?"John McLaughlin's sharp voice broke the silence. "Yes, sir?"The co-pilot said immediately. "Do we have full tanks?’ "Yes sir, we are full including the additional tanks.’ "OK, I just hope those buffoons didn't gas up our ordinary kerosine, like the last time I almost broke my mouth pretty good during a high-flying trip. But you with me,"McLaughlin laughed in full. He always did. He made some funny replica to lighten the atmosphere. "After funding a special PHM dispensary here for special fuels for fine High Tech aircraft like me, or you, Andrei, they shouldn't be confused any more. After all, we'd know by now if they'd been wrong. Our motors would let us know right away that it's not messing with them.’ "Certainly our machine wouldn't go up that fast, sir,"Answer

Jack replied. "I tank here, too, John,"Andrei responded to the debate. "I have no doubt about that, Andrei. He was relieved when I dug you a path, wasn't he?’ "Well, I wouldn't claim it directly, but to some extent, yes, you're right.’ "Well, I'm glad you'll admit it.’ They paused again for a few minutes. "Hey gentlemen!"Suddenly the co-pilot almost yelled. "What's the matter, Jack?"McLaughlin said. "We've got him. Do you see him, Mr. Andreyev?’ "Yes. It's clearly him,"Andrei confirmed excitedly after a moment, bent over the big monitor behind the two pilots. 'fine messieurs, if it's him, and as you claim it's TU 177, then he won't escape us, my horse and I will take care of that, won't we, partner,"John patted his machine on the wheel, as he told the book. He added gas to the full, and the engines sounded with a massive staccato reminiscent of the roar of 4 Eisenmann DTM OPEN Paul's M BMW. The massive display showed the red digit 7 -- the maximum speed. "Shall I target him, sir?"The co-pilot's excited voice came. 'sure Jack, You didn't even have to ask that. I predicted that you were already performing these acts automatically,"John replied a little irritably. "I've got it under control, sir,"Jack said. "OK, keep him on the lookout like a sweaty dog,"McLaughlin ordered, adding: "Hey Andrei, I hope your Aero doesn't have a safety warning system defined on my horse, eh?’ 'but you know it probably does, John. You know, we made sure we didn't neglect anything,"Andreyev replied. "Hell, how did you get that? I have an experimental machine, the other one doesn't fly anywhere!’ "Well, I don't think I have to explain anything to you specifically, John,"Andrei smiled wryly. "Oh, yeah, you don't have to, we both know how it is, old man. But right now, your extras are shit, if your new pilots know about us, they're going to try to run at all costs.’ "We'll see, anyway, you recently claimed that your cat, or horse, I don't even know what all the names you frequent it by, is much more agile and better maneuvered or maneuvered

Because it's smaller and more compact than my TUPOLEV 177.’ 'that fits, you'r right my friend. We'll try everything we can, we'll put the whole arsenal on, and that would be so we don't get the punks."McLaughlin turned back to his partner and smiled encouragingly. "Don't hang your head, Andrei, I promise we'll catch up with them and get your plane back.’ "Shall I try MCD Sir?"The co-pilot asked. "When Jack is overrun, no more than 3-5 miles from us, otherwise we run the risk of having a reflective defensive system, and that wouldn't be very nice for us, we'd have to maneuver a little dangerously, but with my buddy - he poked his nose - we'd undoubtedly make it anyway. But Andrei here should give us a little more detail on the technical parameters of his machine so we can effectively decide how to do it, right, Andrei?’ "Kharasho,"Andreyev, in his brief reply, limited himself to his mother tongue. But McLaughlin understood him. He braced himself firmly in his pilot's chair and grasped the steering wheel with both hands to get the best of him.


 He braced himself firmly in his pilot's chair and grasped the steering wheel with both hands to get the best of him.


"OK Jack, I'm taking over. You, meanwhile, pay attention to my friend and watch that scoundrel being produced in front of us with that stolen machine. And we have to make sure it's not too long. Jane!"He shouted into the on-board intercom. "Yes, sir?’ "Please come to the cabin right behind us.’ "I'm here, Mr. McLaughlin,"There was a gentle girl's voice behind John's back. "But you're really fast Jane,"He said in an apologetic tone to McLaughlin, as if he felt the need to fix his previous rather steep style a little. "What do you wish, sir?"Jane continued, unaware that she was accepting the boss's apology. "Jane, please sit here next to Mr. Andreyev, I hope you have nothing against that Andrei?"He turned to his guest with a smile. "But, of course not, who has anything against the close presence of such a beautiful woman?"Andreyev tried to smile, though he wasn't laughing. "OK, lady and gent's, let's go,"John said in a commanding tone again. "Gentlemen, you are clear on your tasks, I don't want or can't want you Andrei

But you're concerned about your TU 177, so you're going to have to accept my authority, at least at this point.’ "Sure, Charasha John, I'm a guest here, and I'm glad you want to help me.’ 'Very good Andrei, so look hard at the monitor if you see any unusual situation and, most importantly, know who's flying, get in touch right away."And you Jane get me Martinez!’ "Please, sir."And get him now, priority one, right now, Jane!’ "We've got him, sir,"The flight attendant said in less than ten seconds. "OK, very good Jane, I'm taking it into my headphones,"John apparently didn't want their call to be listened to by the others aboard the plane. "Hi, José,"McLaughlin greeted his co-worker as soon as he saw his furrowed face in the headdispall in front of him. "Hi, Chief,"Replied José Martinéz, "I don't think I'm going to ask you how you're doing?’ "Then you really don't have to, it's not the right time.’ 'what, you need a boss?"Martinez knew right away that John wasn't in the mood for jokes and long talk. "Do you know the TU 177 imatriculation?’ "You mean

"McLaughlin answered a little nervously. "Caramba, we boss, I'm looking for it. I have GH7 and connect 7 Army satellites including WORLD OBSERVER STATION,"Martinez said with a quiet curse. "As soon as you catch him, let me know, okay?’ "Sure, boss.’ "That's it,"John switched off the connection, and kept only the necessary technical data on his gulfstream on the head display. He sent himself a picture of Andreyev's TU 177 for the second half, which Jack and Andrei had on their monitors along with him. "So, gentlemen, excuse me I forgot the only one Lady Jane, we're focused on getting the most accurate data we can on those dirty beasts that fly the stolen hundred and seventy-seven. I suppose José will serve it to me on a silver platter soon, but we won't be rolling our hams in the meantime, either, eye’ "Yes sir, I'm already working on it,"The co-pilot replied. 'and what am I supposed to do, sir?"The flight attendant asked. "Jane, thanks for the quick connection with Martinez, great job. Now please get us something small to bite on as he looks on

"Now please get us a little something to bite, as I look at Andrei, he's starving slowly, and Jack here, too, I guess.’ "Yes sir, I'm coming.’ "All right, just some sandwiches and a drink. I'll still have a proper coffee, presso, as I like it Jane, you know."" Yes, I know,"The stewardess smiled. "Well, gentlemen, that's a chubby girl, isn't it?’ "I think I can envy you John,"He was flattered by Andreyev, who wanted to add that he had one, perhaps even better, but he changed his mind at the last minute, for one thing, not knowing if his flight attendant was still aboard TU 177 and not wanting to show off too much in front of McLaughlin, needing his help. John grimaced in delight and glanced at the co-pilot's chair. "What do you say, Jack?’ "Sir, you know Jane and I are a staged team........." "Wait, wait Jack, you're not just slipping out of it, are you? Pretty open to the board,"McLaughlin interrupted. "OK, she's a girl in her place.’ "Well, he finally said it hard, that's the way it should be. But da

’ "Well, he finally said it hard, that's the way it should be. But I hope you're not up to making closer contacts with her -- you know my motto, what's in the house isn't for me.’ "I wouldn't dare, sir.’ "Clear, Jack, I know,"John McLaughlin smiled, "I know you're a quite good chap..."But he paused in the middle of the sentence, Gulfstream shook violently as if he had been hit by something -- but a gust of high winds or turbulence could not have been at 30 kilometers. "Damned, what is it?"He swore and flashed his eyes over all the displays in front of him. He spotted nothing special. "Jack?’ "Yes sir?’ "See anything unusual?’ "Well, sir.’ "Well, you're not very talkative. Turn on overcontrol, AWACS lightening hopefully running all the time.’ "Awacsy runs, sir, OC on.’ "All right, I'm curious. I'm running an overview of the system from the last quarter of an hour. We're about to have a Complete Detect Report, gentlemen."" What do you need Jane?"He yelled into the microphone of the onboard telecom. "I just want to ask, sir, what's going on? It was quite a tough wipe


'it was nothing, girl. You can see you weren't with me at US AIR FORCE Jane. That would make the jolt, as you say, feel like a kitten stroke. If you get hit by a rocket, that's a little different coffee."" I believe so, sir.’ "Sure Jane, just don't worry. You're on board a proper machine, and the crew is made up of proper guys you don't have to worry about. Soon we'll know what happened, Lady Jane,"John recalled reminiscence of the famous Rolling Stones song -- it was one of his favorites. His voice sounded as firm as ever, but he wasn't nearly as sure in his mind. But he trusted his instinct and his machine. Just like in the old days on F 16, mate, he kept his voice low, the boys don't come at us!