06/17/2015 09:43
My visit of Publisher in Frankfurt Germany
05/04/2015 09:07
Dear visitors, you can watch the videos from The Readings of Author J.S.Cash on his You Tube Channel in the section "Author´s Readings".
04/21/2015 10:06
Dear visitors, please click on following link: https://www.autoren-tv.de/vorschaltseiten/bml15_cash_intro.html and watch the video from 2nd part of the Trilogy "The Steel Clan" which is named "NOE". 2nd part was not published yet.
04/13/2015 19:48
Some Pictures from The Book Fair in Leipzig 2015 Video will come soon  
03/17/2015 17:39
Pictures from J.S.Cash´s Reading on The International Book Fair in Leipzig Germany 2015 17.03.2015 16:27   Preparing for Reading   We start.   Publisher is listening to the Reading   The Fair visitors are...
03/05/2015 17:58
J.S.Cash will be reading on Saturday 14th March 2015 at 10:20 on The International Book Fair in Leipzig Germany. He will read on the Stand L 100 in the Hall 2 of the Publishing House "Frankfurter Verlagsgruppe". Author J.S.Cash will read some snatches from the still unpublished 2nd Part...
01/20/2015 17:58
  Meanwhile they neared the town of Doboj. Operation of military vehicles considerably thickened. Perhaps you should Police militiamen near Zenica truth, Paul thought aloud and said: "I had the cops the truth that something is happening, and may be closed all border transitions from the...
12/23/2014 15:14
Dear visitors, J.S.Cash has new Website on Facebook. Please click on:  www.facebook.com/J.S.Cash.writer and watch it.
12/23/2014 15:06
J.S.Cash wishes you merry Christmas and happy New Year 2015 and Quite Time and Peace for Everyone, who has the good will.  
11/26/2014 18:28
Dear Visitors, please click on following link: https://www.autoren-tv.de/vorschaltseiten/bmf14_cash_intro.html and you can watch the video of J.S.Cash´s Reading on International Book Fair in Frankfurt Germany 2014.
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