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The information and presentations, which will be soon published on this web (the sites are in the test mode right now) are about author J.S.Cash, his books and ideas.

The name J.S.Cash is a pseudonym.

The author has published the book "Der Stahlclan" (The Steel Clan) in Frankfurt in Germany. You can order this book by AMAZON e-shops and various other e-shops around the world, at present in German language.

The English U.S. Edition will be prepared. Also the Edition in Czech will be prepared.

This book covers many actual problems of our world, for example energy resources, relative overpopulation, lack of food, relations to our nature environment, danger of fatal wars, management rules of contemporary states government etc.

Author J.S.Cash tries to explaine to the wide population some philosophical themes in the form of an exciting sci-fi thriller, as not all of the people are interested in actual questions of our world and its neighbourhood (the space).

Will the science and technology in the symbiosis with  spirituality help to solve all these problems?

Will the solutions serve to all  the mankind or to just to few selected?

You will find the answers in the above mentioned book.

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